17 Haziran 2011 Cuma

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dear mrs. I liked the web page very much.I am an art teacher and cartoonist.I am interested in humor since primary school. I want to know about your and other Greek cartoonists.Three comics album published till now. How can I reach them..?Furtherthan, I have sent anew humor album to GREEK CARTOONISTS. Best Wishes in your workings. Mr.IRFAN UNALANmtzaboura: Playing: "Playing"

9 Haziran 2011 Perşembe


About Mr. Pervasiz,
People may think''why mr. Pervasiz?'' once they gaze at the cover of the album. I have been voluntarily drawing caricatures for Akşehir Pervasiz Newspaper since the August of 2010. Mr. Oktay Sipahi, the distinguished Social Sciences Teacher of our school, had always been sincerely appreciating my caricatures and regularly been following my works from the web site of newspaper Pervasiz. On the grounds of our sincere friendship, he came to call me '' Pervasız İrfan'' occasionally.

That's the reason why, as an honorary debt to firstly to all the people of  Akşehir, who are the grand children of Nasresdin Hoca, and then to the distinguished perso Mr. Oktay Sipahi, I dedicated to name my booklet '' Mr. Pervasiz''.

In that account, I would like to grant my sincere appreciation and thanks to mr. Bayram Uygun, the editor in chief of Akşehir Pervasiz Newspaper, who kindly gave opportunity to all amateur caricaturists.

In the booklet, Icompiledmy works which were  only published in Akşehir Pervasiz Newspaper. Considering my acquaintances living abroad, I noted the English translation at the bottom of each work.

In addition to all, Iincluded some works I drew of one of my new characters, ''Ord. Prof. Fikri Azmanyak' tan İcatlar'' into the booklet.

In any case of error, Irefuge n the vast clemency of you, my readers and wish you all a merry time.

                                                                                                                                   İrfan ÜNALAN
                                                                                                                                   28th January of 2011